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Virtual Rehab Services

All over the world, as people battle with the reality of the COVID 19 pandemic, healthcare services delivery has adapted and leveraged technology to emerge with new solutions. SuVitas has long been a pioneer of Physical Medicine Rehab in India and has an unparalleled pedigree in inpatient rehab for cases such as stroke, head injury, spinal cord injury, dementia etc. Our personalised care plans have been crafted and delivered by an expert multi-disciplinary team in the Neuro, Cardiac, Ortho, Onco and Geriatric specializations. As thought leaders, our work has been peer-reviewed globally to great acclaim.

We understand that: 

  1. Physical medical Rehab interventions need not and should not wait. Delay in availing of these can result in greater pain, longer term debility or permanent disability, recurrence of diseases and in some cases has fatal results. 
  2. Folks are and will continue to be restricted in their travel to avail of Out patient services in Hospitals and Clinics
  3. Folks will be reluctant to enter traditional healthcare facilities for fear of infection for the foreseeable future
  4. There will be some actual and some perception risk with home health service providers being exposed to multiple clients and therefore potential infections

To address this need, SuVitas offers Online Consultations and Guided Sessions with their Expert Rehab Team. You can now avail of our following services via a call or video from anywhere in the world: 

  1. Physiotherapy
  2. Speech / Swallow Therapy
  3. Occupational Therapy
  4. Nutritional guidance
  5. Psychological counselling 
  6. Doctor (general practitioner) 

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