Cardiac rehabilitation in Bangalore


Patients who have recently suffered from cardiac incidents and related surgeries are in dire need for special care and attention to recover physically and psychologically from the trauma. As a top notch cardiac rehab centre in Bangalore, SuVitas works in accordance with the cardiac patients to improve on their lifestyles; the final goals being prevention of reoccurrence and painless recovery.

Cardiac rehabilitation services in bangalore

This cardiac rehabilitation program is a multifaceted and cumulative service combining the efforts of the doctors, physiotherapy/rehabilitation experts and nurses working towards the overall betterment of the patients.

Adverse cardiac incidents- such as a heart attack are more often than not, a result of poor lifestyle- indicating poor dietary habits and lack of physical activity. Hence this is the prime goal of cardiac rehabilitation following an episode of MI. Other incidents that require rehabilitation services; such as congenital heart conditions, heart transplant surgery, etc are dealt with by the experts in SuVitas.

Our cardiac rehab centre in Bangalore believes in a holistic approach towards recovery.
Every patients individual needs and demands of their bodies to heal effectively are considered before onset of therapy, thereby making ours a successful rehabilitation service that guarantees results. The goals are duly achievable and no stress of any sort is caused to the patient or their families. By setting realistic goals and expectations, we do not waste the time or money of our patients who approach our centre for specialised care and a peaceful transition to normal life.

Functional objectives of the rehabilitation

Cardiac events leave the patients prone to multiple reoccurrences and the only realistic way to prevent this from happening is to set balance to life and avoid the cause entirely. To do this, the patient is advised on necessary lifestyle changes that is deemed necessary to them. The nutritional experts along with the highly experienced cardiac rehabilitation experts curate effective plans for the improvement of the patient.

Safe and tested methods of pain relief are made available to our patients seeking services of cardiac rehabilitation in Bangalore as and when required in a manner that does not leave them dependent in any way.

The patient is provided with counselling and education, so are their families to ensure that the new lifestyle is effectively implemented. What sets us apart from other cardiac rehab centres in Bangalore is that equal importance is given to achieving results as is to emotionally stabilising and preparing the patient for leading a normal life ahead.

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